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Creating your best first impression in the time of Zoom meetings.

We remember things visually, and every Zoom video conversation is an opportunity to create a positive first impression, and to reinforce your brand subconsciously. Do you want your lasting impression to be your bookcase or the brand values you’ve worked so hard to create?


Zoom Background Design by Black Rooster Studios

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At Black Rooster Studios we will create a custom Zoom background for you and the rest of your roost from as little as R460 (VAT inclusive).
All your Zoom calls will be on brand.
Turn your home into your boardroom with a Black Rooster custom Zoom backgrounds. Our designs are fully custom to each individual brand and are delivered within 48 hours so you’ll be up and zooming like a pro in no time!
Easy Peasy
Once you have your custom Zoom background, it is super easy to install, upload, select . . . done.
You can choose from our 2 packages of one or two designs which you and your whole roost can use to put your best brand forward.
Starting at R460 (VAT Inclusive)
This gets you a custom design in 48 hours. If you need a variety of backgrounds for different occasions, you can spend a little more on a 3 pack of custom designs.
The choice is yours!
Pick a package to get your new Zoom background.
Simple packages. Simple prices. Only pay for what you need.
Single Background
R460 (VAT inclusive)
1 background
2 Revisions
Delivered in 48 hours
Multiple Backgrounds
R1 150 (VAT inclusive)
3 Backgrounds
2 Revisions
Delivered in 48 hours
Contact us now to put your best brand forward.

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