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PHOENIX Modular Plate Carrier

The Phoenix Modular Plate Carrier is the flagship product for Strategic Armour Solutions, a South African self defence company who’s team members extensive experience, skillsets and understanding of operational environments have helped to determine the best materials, equipment and tools to the self defence general and commercial markets.
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Their products and services are led through understanding and in-depth market research, followed by extensive in-house testing to ensure that they provide a product that is fit for purpose, practical and adaptable for the end user.

Strategic Armour Solutions only delivers what they would personally use, and are constantly improving and progressing their products and services to stay in line with the most modern applications and requirements within the self defence sector.

Strategic Armour



The Strategic Armour Solutions team approached my to shoot a great video that showcased their company and their latest product offering, the PHOENIX Modular Plate carrier for the HUNTEX exhibition at Gallagher Convention Centre.
The PHOENIX Modular Plate video is one of two videos that would play on the large screens they were building into their stand. The two videos would also have to be able to work with the sound turned off as well as with a powerful sound track, so titles were used to provide the product info as required.

I conceptualised, shot and edited the 2 videos and am very excited and proud to have created them for Shawn and the team at Strategic Armour Solutions.


Videographer & editor: Quintin Mills

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